Here at Roseneath we are lucky to have a team capable of making and fitting excellent dentures.

We aim to provide dentures which are aesthetic, comfortable and long-lasting so that you can smile, talk and eat with confidence.

Whatever the reason for losing teeth our dentists will be able to provide a denture to replace them. This can help overcome problems associated with missing teeth such as, eating, speech, swallowing and further wear and tear on your remaining teeth.

Currently, there are a variety of denture designs and devices on the dental market. This variety of designs offers dentists the flexibility to tackle any situation, allowing them to fit and attach dentures in different ways, according to the circumstances.

At Roseneath we also have a Changing Faces Denture Clinic run by Bill Sharpling enabling the provision of some of the best dentures in Surrey.

Denture Realigning

Dentures sit on top of the gum.But the gum changes shape, particularly in the period following extraction. Dentures may become mobile.The denture can be relined to improve the fit, but this will make the denture heavier.

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