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Dentistry to Keep your Teeth For Life

Here at Roseneath Dental Surgery we have a strong focus on Preventive and Hygiene Dentistry.

We want people to feel confident that their teeth and gums are healthy, clean and will last a lifetime.

As part of good practice we always do an Oral Health and Oral Cancer Screen which involves assessment of the risk factors as well as a thorough examination of the soft and hard tissues. The dentist looks for any problems that a patient may have including oral cancer.

You can expect to be treated with great care, professional skill and focused attention during your visits. Several times a week, we receive compliments from our patients about our easy going manner, our habit of explaining each step, as well as all the treatment options. We have found that these methods greatly reduce fear and anxiety, and ease the patient through the procedures.

Finally, after the dental examination the dentist constructs a personalized treatment plan in writing for each patient, the plan includes the costs of any proposed treatments, the treatment plan is then discussed fully with the patient and the patient is educated about all the alternatives available for treatment. At this point there is nothing preventing you from beginning your first step in having a life time of great dental care.

We have use of an intraoral fibre optic video camera to look inside your mouth or radiographs. This technology makes it possible to see intraoral areas and features in a highly magnified and illuminated way not normally possible otherwise. This video scan is visible on a TV screen as we use the camera, so the patient can see the full colour, live, real-time images of their teeth and other intraoral tissues.

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