We are committed to provide the very best dental care for our patients. As part of our on going commitment we will ensure that before any treatment is undertaken you will be provided with the treatment options and given a full treatment plan and estimate of costs. Here at Roseneath Dental Surgery we understand that you may worry about fees and our aim is to help you find solutions so you can have that healthy smile you desire. A member of the Team would be more than happy to discuss these options with you.

Price Guide as of January 2020

New Patient Consultation£65.00
Routine Examination£44.00
Initial Periodontal Consultation£120.00
Changing Faces Denture Clinic Initial ConsultationFree of charge
Missed appointmentfrom £50.00
Emergency appointmentfrom £40.00
Weekend Emergency appointmentfrom £125.00
We require a £25 holding deposit to secure a free consultation slot. This will be refunded.
X-Rays £16.00 per x-ray
Panoral X-Ray£50.00
Hygienist Appointment – Long£79.50
Hygienist Appointment – Regular£59.50
Hygienist Appointment – Short£30.50
Dentist Scale & Polish£69.00
Fissure Sealants£25.00 per tooth
Composite -Tooth colouredfrom £105.00 to £200.00 per tooth
Amalgam – Silverfrom £105.00 to £150.00 per tooth
Temporaryfrom £30.00
Porcelain Inlay/Onlayfrom £550.00 per tooth
Gold Inlay/Onlayfrom £650.00 per tooth
Crownsfrom £650.00 per tooth
Gold Crownfrom £750.00 per tooth
Bridgesfrom £600.00 per unit
Veneersfrom £600.00 per tooth
Incisor/Canine toothfrom £315.00 to £415.00 per tooth
Premolar toothfrom £350.00 to £450.00 per tooth
Molar toothfrom £450.00 to £550.00 per tooth
Dentures – Partial Acrylicfrom £700.00
Dentures – Full Acrylicfrom £1300.00
Dentures Chromefrom £950.00
Extraction – Simplefrom £150.00 per tooth
Extraction – Surgicalfrom £225.00 per tooth
Tooth whitening – In-surgery£650.00
Tooth whitening – Home£450.00
Implant ConsultationFree of charge
Implant Assessment£120.00
Implantfrom £1200.00 per tooth
Implant Restorationfrom £1300.00 per tooth